Free animated cursors (No.051-075)

How to change the cursors on Windows

051 Happy Halloween cursors

Main cast of halloween, Jack -O'- Lantern of pumpkin.

052 Kawaii ocean Fishes ver2.0

Ocean Fishes cursors. some of cursors were added as updated version.

053 Frog (^^;)

Frog cursors. I love camping, when we saw the way of sky at inside of tent. we saw the shape of frog existing on top, printing?, real frog? I watched carefully, oh it's real mummy frog. it was dried. may be it was spend there since last summer.

054 SHIBA the dog

Shiba is one of breed of dogs that is popular with Japanese people because of they are faithful to their masters and very friendly. Someday I wanna spend life with Shiba.

055 Sword and some weapon cursors

Mr. Fuga requested. It was first request to make goods, I enjoyed to make them. It feels like getting treasures in RPG.

056 Dog, American Cocker Spaniel (^^;)

Ms mokomoko violent requested the dog of American Cocker Spaniel.

057 Pink Pig (^^;)

Pink Pig cursors are looks good to recognaize as windows mouse pointer, thus it became usefull on desktop PC.

058 Deformed crow (^^;)

Thanks Ms. Joelle from Switzerland who requested that crow.

059 Stuffed bears (^^;)

Stuffed bears many grils loved. Oh should I change color of them to white and black, thus it makes Panda, or white bear.

060 Seasonal (Christmas)

Seasonal part1; We love christmas, because decoration and illumination make us happy, even cold and long dark night winter.

061 Seasonal (Ghost)

Seasonal part2; Japanese ghost season is summer not October. Japanese summer is very hot, people try to foreget hot by scary feeling. Usually Japanese ghost is weird rather than scary monster in other countries.

062 Seasonal (Snowman2.0)

Seasonal part3; Regular article snowman. My friend in U.S. said snowman has three balls, head, body and west. However Japanese snowman has just two balls, head and body. How about your country?

063 ZOO series (Kawaii Rabbit)

There are so many kind of animal existing in the Zoo, I will make all animals mouse pointers. Here the kawaii RABBIT cursors. I'm looking forward how many users use these cursors.

064 ZOO series (Kawaii Chick)

Next zoo series, good visibility yellow colored the kawaii CHICK cursors. I could make them within half an hour, however it's cute.

065 Zoo series (White Bear)

Did you know white bear is soooooo Kawaii? When I made these cursors, I checked some of white bear pictures, probably I watched the display with smile face.

066 Seven Dwarfs

Public Domain

Seven dwarfs in Schneewittchen(showdrop). Did you know the Grimm original story are horror, but here animated cursors are cute , and I wish anybody makes happy..

067 The Red-Nosed Reindeer

3rd of November, too early to think christmas? Some of opening ceremony of christmas illumination held in Tokyo already. Santa are not included, please go to page2 if you like Santa too.

068 CHIEL the Toypoo

My new family CHIEL the toypoodle. Her amaging athletic ability makes fun to enjoy with other dogs, run run and jump! Toypoo follow the command, Shake, watch me, or play bang, however if no food, no reaction (--;)

069 Aegagropila

How many people did know the aegagropila? Just a plant, however it sometime gives as souvenir which contain in the small bottle in Hokkaido where north part of Japan.

070 Killer Whale in Seaworld

This is ym's request. It's actually an aquarium series, but I'll change the name when the sea creatures increase in the future. The meal also eats fish, sharks and whales, so it's called a killer whale in English. But in Japanese, it looks like Shachihoko's killer whale. Come to think of it, I remember being splashed with water by killer whales at Kamogawa Sea World.