Free animated cursors (No.076-100)

My friend was in the office meeting room. And he was close to start presentation on the projector with his PC installed pretty dog of animated mouse pointer. He couldn't serious speak. So he requested new mouse pointer which can be used on BUSINESS notebook PC.

How to change the cursors on Windows


Next, Today's magic work of Cloud business on IT companies. These mouse pointers are also provided from cloud web site (^^)v


For the manufacturer or builder, ..., charactor again ;P. I think this Mr. Builder will work on Controller PC of manufacturing line or monitor PC on infrastructure. You can provide safety mind!

078 Mr. SALE

For the sales rep, I think Mr. Sale will help your business with his integrity and full of mind to success, but I can't pay guaranty.

079 GLASS pointer

I just aware of transparentable mouse pointer can be made if I use filename as ".CUR". Just trial but these cursors are transparent.

080 Simply LINE pointer

Sometime I use remote desktop (RDP) and colored cursors became monocrome color cursors. Maybe my setting on RDP wrong. But I don't care if use this simple line cursors ;P

081 Hamburger pointer

At the hamburger restaurant, this cursors may be good for business computer. People see this cursors, you my be become want to go hamburger shop.

082 Hedgehogs

Thanks request. You like Hedgehogs, OK. Oh it's hard to draw the needles on just 32 bits cursors, right? Uhmmm, I did try and try. Gave up finally.

083 Minecraft


Children loves mincraft for many years. I played firtst time, dig and dig, break and break. Umm, it seems sunset. Oh it became dark and I can see nothing. I was sleeping.. This is my first diary.


Special issue of Business part one is, simple and normal type of solid pointer for any business.