Free animated cursors (No.101-125)

How to change the cursors on Windows


I love ocean! Just watching the wide, beautiful sea, the daily stress will be eliminated, and it seems that life will somehow extend!

102 ZOO series (Giant Panda)

Giant Panda in Tokyo Ueno Zoo, A baby panda was born in year 2017 for that memorial. not Tare-panda

103 ZOO series (Seals)

Seals of fatty style. Usually seals in Alaska are inhabited, we can see the Tama-chan in Tamagawa-river around Tokyo the year 2002-2004.

104 Peter Rabbit

Public Domain

Peter Rabbit of United Kingdom picture book, is now shown a road show, that rabbits are so qute. Here the cursors made from original picture book.

105 Splatoon


A camp battle that paints the entire town with colorful ink. When you run out of ink, you transform into squid, and when you swim under the floor or wall, your ink will filled. Squid game is rumored to be unstoppable once you play it!

106 Kirby Star Allies


Transforms into more than 24 versions of Kirby such as Fire and Ice, and then clears the stage like super mario. It's so cute and the various copying abilities are very fun!

107 Tokino Sora (Hololive)


Hololive cursor at huutai's request. However, there are many VTubers, so please let me know if you have any suggestions. The first is "Toki no Sora".

108 Shirogane-Noel (Hololive)


Second creation of Hololive cursor by ppp's request, is Shirogane-Noel. She is one of V-tuber, and brodcasting the DoragonQuest game at that time I saw.

109 Hoshimachi Suisei (Hololive)


Zero creation of Hololive cursor by Hoshiyomi's request, is Hoshimachi Suisei. She is one of V-tuber, and dreaming to be singer songs.

110 Uma-Musume SpecialWeek


I'm not familier with Uma-Musume. I asked Chat-GPT, Uma Musume has many characters, but the most popular is said to be "Special Week". Special Week is one of the main characters in games and anime, and is portrayed as a racehorse with a bright and energetic personality that everyone loves and top-notch speed.

111 AmongUs, Red


Among us was very popular among children. Everyone becomes a crew (crew) and carries out missions such as repairing broken equipment in the spaceship, but impostors (werewolves) disguised as crew kill the crew one after another. Find the imposter before the crew is wiped out, but don't accidentally expel the crew.

112 AmongUs, Colorful


Amang children popular the Among us. Now you can choose a crew with your favorite colored.

Blue crew
Green crew
Orange crew
Pink crew
Purple crew
White crew
Yellow crew